Head coach
Personal trainer

Gaël Bosmans

  • Making my dream coming true! “District 10 Crossfit”
  • Did 10 days in a row 1000 u.b burpees (10.000 in 10 days)
  • Helped more than 2000th people to get fitter and better in life the past 8 years as a Crossfit coach
  • Participated at multiple OPEX seminars (Programming / Nutrition). And other weightlifting and gymnastic courses from world famous coaches.
  • Passed OPEX level 1 (programming / assessment / life style)
  • Crossfit level 1 coach.
  • I love beer and party.
  • My sister “Carmen Bosmans”  (2019 Crossfit games 43 th ) has bigger arms than me.
  • Broke almost every bone in my body with motorcross.
  • What you see is what you get.
Aviation, sports, travel and business enthousiast

Lode Verschuere

In Sports:
  • Running 10 miles of Antwerp in 1h04
  • Several succesfull competitions with my ‘Oldies’ team from District 10 CrossFit
  • Keeping up with the constant pressure of everybody trying to ‘beat Lode’ at the daily WOD in D10C.
In my Personal life:
  • 15.000hrs of commercial flights of which 10.000hrs as a captain
  • Starting several business
  • Tolerate/Endure/Love/Hate (choose randomly depending on the day) Gaël Bosmans after 4years of succesfully running our business and passion: District10 CrossFit.
My passion lies in bringing the best in people forward. Weather it is in coaching at District10Crossfit or teaching and mentoring young pilots how to fly! I am a sponge for knowledge in business, sports and media. I love it when people book results.
I Always choose the difficult long term path over the quick result for myself and the people I teach.
  • Did you know I started sports really late and that I weighed almost 110Kg when I was at high school?!
Business Developer

Yannick Verstraete

Fun facts:
– Been training for more than 12 years
– Had a coaching business venture with more than 50 clients
– Gogo Penguin, a London contemporary jazz band, is my most listened to artist. On second place is a metal band of course, Night Verses.
Biggest achievements:
– Succeeded entry exams/interviews (3) and recruited by an international proprietary trading firm (2 years).
– Having coached multiple athletes who had podium places on crossfit competitions.
– One of my biggest milestones ever, a 220kg ass to grass back squat.
Real estate agent
crossfit coach

Maarten Verbinnen

– becoming independent real estate agent
– snatch 100 kg and do bar muscle ups
– bought my first house and daddy2be
– Played football until 18 years old
– got in the final of Njoya league in fitst year of crossfit
– love to work out on hardstyle & retro music
– First day as a coach at D10 was already my last day before going into the first lockdown
– Hate the assault bike and my coach knows
– Got myself a corona baby
CrossFit level 1 Coach
Endurance coach
Geriatric caretaker

Frederik Dehennin

– Finishing a marathon under 4 hours.
– 35 free solo parachute jumps (4,2km heights).
– After a damaging childhood & early years turned out to be a: lovely partner, friend, colleague, member of society, balanced fellow. (Truly a miracle!)
– Late bloomer in sports (age 30). Earlier I had artistic aspirations. These days I put my focus on ‘healthy longevity’ and the quest for a balanced lifestyle.
– My superpower is listening to people to absorb their knowledge. A strange long-lost skill.
– Never understood the fuzz about social media. Prefer concealment, mysteriousness.  Want to know, just ask kind of guy.
Event organiser

Jarne Laureys

-Football achievements: played against Arsenal, Dortmund and every first and second division team in the youth leagues. I had one selection for the -15 Red Devils. Aaaand 2x champion
-Did in the first lockdown  100 burpees a day for 30 days long. Didn’t skip a day. Not physical but a mental experience
-Did a half marathon without training, under 2 hours
-I’m the smallest of the pack (not in height), but the fastest
-I like burpees and box jumps a lot, or just everything of cardio, conditioning, and bodyweight
-I’m obsessed with music and barbecue or fine food, for sure
Insurance expert

Gert Vanermen

Im a CrossFit addict! Je zal mij snel opmerken aan mijn enthousiasme.
– 3rd Gent Throwdown 2019
– District 10 is open for 1500 days I’ve been there 1499 days
– Captained my boyhood  football team
– Likes to listen to Aprés Ski music
– I talk a lot, and love stupid jokes
– Likes assault bike workouts